Monday, 27 February 2012

Another good week.

? Weeks until BG
22 weeks until lakeland 100

Mon – Nothing
Tues – 5 miles and 200m of ascent, on cockfield fell.
Wed – Nothing
Thurs – 12 miles, 800m of ascent, Hamsterley forest then home.
Friday – Nothing
Saturday – 5 miles 250m of ascent, Kinder Scout
Sunday – 27 miles, 3500m of ascent, BG leg 1 and 2.

Total of 49 miles and 4750m of ascent.

After giving myself a stern talking to last week I felt that I had to meet 2 targets this week. 3000m of ascent and 1 day over 8 hours of running. Both of which were achieved.

Ran home on the road from Hamsterley on Thursday and had a sore right foot on friday and sunday, hurt to walk, but not to run. I believe it was mild plantar fasciitis, didn't hurt to run so ran on Saturday with no obvious ill effects and on sunday it felt fine again. Lesson learnt though – don't do anything different, such as road running it will lead to problems!

Sunday Jim Mann took me out on BG leg 1 and 2, I find it hard to motivate myself for such a long run on my own, so it was good to have Jim along. Andy Charles came along for L2 and although he won't mind me saying he struggled with the first 2 climbs (courtesy of 2 silly direct lines pioneered by Jim) he coped very well considering it was his first time doing a full BG leg.

Times weren't quick, but leg times are here for the record. (23 hour schedule in brackets)

Skiddaw – 70 (83)
Great Calva – 44 (44)
Blencathra 64 (69)
Threlkeld 28 (30)
Clough Head 60 – including 4 minutes faff (58)
Great Dodd 36 (29) – silly slow line picked by Jim
Watson Dodd 9 (9)
Stybarrow 10 (9)
Raise 17 (18)
White Side 8 (8)
Lower Mann 14 (18)
Helvellyn 7 (6)
Nethermost 8 (10)
Dollywaggon 14 (12)
Fairfield 47 (41)
Seat Sandal 26 (24)
Dunmail 23 (24)

So Me and Jim ran at 21 hour schedule for L1 including picking a very silly and slow direct line off Skiddaw - my line this one, not Jim's, worth looking at again in the snow or the dry to make the screes more runnable. Jim, Andy Charles and I ran at around 23 hour schedule for L2 if you take off the silly slow line on Great Dodd.

Importantly for me I felt really strong after 2 legs, Jim jokingly suggested we carry on and do the whole round, I honestly think that I would have done if I didn't have to be at work on Monday.

A good week. Feel like I am back on track, next week I will do another 8 hour day and at least 3000m of ascent.

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