Monday, 30 January 2012

Lunch at Dinner

Mon – Rest
Tue – 4 miles on the fell with Fiona
Wed – Climb
Thurs – Durham Fell Runners on Tour (Cockfield Fell!) 8.7 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Lunch at “Dinner” By Heston Blumenthal, then Cirque Du Soleil
Sunday - 4.5miles around Finsbury Park.

Total of only 17 miles.

I wasn't planning on doing much this week after the long run I had last Saturday, I was pleased that I could walk straight after the way I felt on Sunday morning, everything felt fine except for my right achilles which wouldn't stretch, even far enough for me to put my heal on the ground. That has got better all week and felt fine by tuesday for a steady run.

After that I fell remarkably good.

Thursday was great fun showing DFR my local stomping ground, we all got good and muddy and the locals didn't let our tyres down when we were out running, so a huge success! Thanks to everyone who turned out.

Saturday saw the culmination of my 30th Birthday celebrations, driving to london to have lunch at “Dinner”. Magnificent. This blog isn't about food, it's about running, so I won't say much but it was a cracking good feast. Went to see Totem by Cirque Du Soleil later, again magnificent, one of the best Cirque shows I have seen and a wonderful experience.

Meat Fruit - is it meat or is it fruit???

Spit roasted pineapple - delicious!

Sunday, 4.5 miles around finsbury, not much to say about that.

My left achilles is giving me some grief, feels bruised, not a problem when on long runs, but feels sore in work shoes and on short runs. Invested in some Inov8 Baregrips so will try them out on thursday and report back. I am on the look out for some super comfortable work shoes, something black and cheapish, might get some vibram fivefingers, but not sure if they will put pressure on the sore left achilles? Any thoughts???

Thanks for reading, back on it next week if work allows it!



  1. For super comfortable work shoes, I find that slippers work quite well.

  2. I wear vibrams pretty much constantly from March to November - I find they're a bit chilly during the colder months. They will gently stretch your achilles and exercise the other muscles in your feet that are often neglected. Whether this will help with your achilles problem depends on what exactly's wrong - if you've got tendonitis, I wouldn't recommend running in vibrams or barefoot until it's calmed down.

    A good and slightly less extreme option might be terra plana shoes, which work on the same, barefoot principle and you can get reasonably smart pairs. Or NB's minimalist trail runner, which comes in black, and looks pretty smart. It's got a very light heel, but the sole is thin enough that you can feel what you're running over.