Monday, 9 January 2012

Run like a Panda

2 Weeks until 30@30
? Weeks until Bob Graham
29 Weeks until Lakeland 100

Monday – Drove home from parents house.
Tuesday – 2.75 miles 100m of ascent on Cockfield Fell, hummm... This felt like a pretty poor effort fighting against the wind and giving up after 20 minutes. Until Wednesday.
Wednesday – all ready to go out and then it started raining, combined with another bout of storm force winds I stayed in and played with my new iphone rather than go out for the planned 10 miles.
Thursday – 6 miles, 350m of ascent, pyramid rep session at Hamsterley.
Friday – rest
Saturday – 16.5 miles, 1500m of ascent, Bob Graham Leg 3.
Sunday – 14 miles, 850m of ascent, 30@30 leg 1.

Total of 39.25 miles, 2800m of ascent. Not enough.

Not much to say about the first half of the week, not much done, I was fed up with fighting against wind and rain and planned a couple of long runs which didn't really happen.

Thursday was the feared pyramid rep session with a novel twist this time, the idea was to run up hill really fast and then pretend you were and animal on the way down, or were we supposed to be thinking about an animal, or moving like the animal. I am assured there was a point to this. The stress of pretending to be a giant panda and then realising that I wasn't as big as everyone thought I was caught up on me eventually and after leading every significant rep up to the end of the 3rd set I was first beaten by Mike, then by Fiona, then rather than suffer any more, I jogged home and let everyone else get on with it. Great session, really good to have 5 people fighting for every rep, and an extra person in the mix when Fiona decided to play along!

Saturday was an early start, which I hate, but don't mind if it is for a run. Running with Mike, Brian and Liam was more like a tour of Grasmere's cafes with a bit of running thrown in than going out for a run. That said, it was a great day out out and back on BG leg 3, as far as Rossett Pike, with the highlight being Mike looking at the map on the top of Steel Fell and declaring confidently that we were heading to Great Dodd next, while pointing at Calf Crag. Only after it was pointed out that he was looking at the wrong map, did he realise his mistake. Sorry Mike.

Sunday was out and back on L1 of my 30@30 route with Fiona and Duncan, pretty rotten weather but felt really strong and took 20 minutes out of my schedule in under 2 hours, so good to know I have a lot of slack built into the plan for 21st January.

Not enough miles or ascent this week especially as I planned on this being the last big week before tapering down for 21st January, but it has made me think about finding the balance between going out running with other people – more fun, and going out on my own – more miles.

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