Monday, 16 January 2012

This boot is made for walking?

1 Week until 30@30
? Weeks until BG
28 Weeks until Lakeland 100

Monday - Blogging
Tuesday – 15.5 miles, 600m of ascent, Hamsterley Forest.
Wednesday – Climb
Thursday – 9.5 miles, 500m of ascent, Hill reps.
Friday – rest
Saturday – 10 miles, 400m of ascent, walk in Teesdale.
Sunday – 6 miles, 300m of ascent, Clay Bank East Race.
Total of 41 miles, 1800m of ascent – nice steady week for a taper.

Not a huge amount to say about this week, taking it easy leading up to my 30th Birthday extravaganza next weekend, which you can read about next week.

Tuesday night was lovely to be out without any wind, 15.5 miles in a tshirt, no hat or gloves felt quite strange after all the rotten weather I have run through.

Thursday felt hard, went off too fast and didn't make much of a showing on rep 3 or 4, not a problem, felt pretty fit.

Saturday was a walk over 3 Durham Hewitts, 4, 5, and 6 on this diagram.
Vague idea of doing the round of Durham Hewitts at some point this year, so nice to get out to look at 3 of them, rough going but all runnable in that section. Only point to note from Saturday was that I put on my walking boots for the first time in about a year, and my sore achilles was very sore in my boot, so I walked about 5 miles wearing only 1 boot, no ill effects from this to report!
Atop Burhhope Seat with only one boot!

Sunday was Clay Bank East race, which I came 2nd in last year, 5th this year but 4'30” faster than last year, and with a time that would have won any of the last 3 years feels like a decent result.

Easy week coming up, easy run on Tuesday and Thursday then 30 peaks, 34 miles, 3500m of ascent and hopefully a lot of fun on Saturday!


  1. Andy, which are your 30 peaks? Are you going solo, carrying everything etc?

  2. Starting near Pooley Bridge, Arthurs Pike, Bonscale Pike, then heading towards High Street and Kirkstone Pass. Then heading NW up Read Screes before going towards Fairfield, Great Rigg (south of Fairfield), Seat Sandal, then BG leg 2 north to Great Dodd (hopefully by 1715). Starting at 0715 on Saturday with some other silly people running along for moral support and company but I will be carrying for myself. If you are interested in coming along for a run or just to say hello at some point send me your email address and I will send you full details.

  3. Should say Red Screes, not Read Screes.