Monday, 19 March 2012

2 weeks to go

Weeks until BG – 2.
Weeks until Lakeland 100 – 19.

Mon – 2 miles to loosen the legs
Tuesday – 10 miles, 500m ascent – cockfield Fell.
Wed – climb
Thurs – 6 miles, 700m ascent, Hamsterley
Friday – nothing
Saturday – 16 miles, 1000 ascent, Pennine way to Bleaklow, then 6 miles, 600m ascent, Lads Leap race.
Sunday – rested sore achilles.

Total of 40 miles, 2800m ascent.

With 2 weeks to go till I plan to have a crack at the Bob Graham I didn't want to exhaust myself this week or make my achilles any worse. I have concentrated entirely on steady miles and not done anything super long. Last weeks long run gave me a lot of confidence for 2 weeks time and I don't want to blow it by going off too fast in the race that I had entered on Saturday.

The race was the first in the English Championships, I entered to keep Fiona company and thought I would have a crack at the race, but really enjoyed just trotting round - taking chunks out of the field on every climb and loosing dozens of places as I took it easy on the descents made for an entertaining race, finished well outside the points in about 130th place.  

I did as much as I wanted to do this week. Take it easy for the next 2 weeks and if the weather is good I will try to get the BG done. If not I will do the Allendale challenge race and try to win back my big grouse trophy that I have had for the last 12 months.

Achilles feels better today, it's not right but I reckon it is right enough to keep me going for 24 hours in 2 weeks time.

Fingers crossed for the weather.

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