Tuesday, 27 March 2012

1 week to go

Weeks until BG – 1
Weeks until Lakeland 100 - 18

Monday – Nothing
Tuesday – 9 miles around Bowes Moor with 400m of ascent
Wednesday – climb
Thursday – 8 miles Hamsterley with 500m of ascent
Friday – Nothing
Saturday – 10 miles, 1000m of ascent, Newlands Valley, BG L5 hills.
Sunday – Dig out old fence posts.

Total of 27 miles and 1900m of ascent.

Cracking week, lovely weather and some steady miles, no injury worries, just winding down for my BG attempt on Saturday, 6am start, 31st March.

The reason for the 6am start are two fold. Firstly I don't cope well with lack of sleep, I think that one of the things that went wrong last year (11pm start) was just that I got tired and my body had a bit of a fit. Perhaps that wasn't an issue, but I would like to change the start time so I set off fresh and see if it makes a difference. Secondly I have 2 great men supporting L4 which is the tricky night section with a 6am start. Jim Mann and Simon Noble, I couldn't wish for a stronger support crew for L4, I understand I am giving them a hell of a task to get me round L4 in the dark but if it goes wrong and we don't find the right lines I hope we will have a couple of hours spare so it won't be a major problem.

The team I have got in place is phenomenal considering I only gave myself 3 weeks notice to get things in place.

L1 – Dave Swift (Seasoned BGer) and Fiona Blackett (Wife and top 10 in English Chaps race) + Dave's mate
L2 – Andy Kirkup (very strong BG aspirant) and friend plus Roger Taylor (hero drummer from Queen), or perhaps it is another Roger Taylor, I have no idea?
L3 – Duncan Archer (OMM and LAMM winner)
L4 – Jim Mann (Double BG completer and strong contender for this years ultra series) Simon Noble (Local all round BG encyclopedia)
L5 – Clive King (BG completer who is insistent enough to keep me moving on L5) and Patrick Bonnett (who got round the BG route last year in horrid conditions)

So as you can see a fantastic bunch of runner, so if I don't get round it will be because something went wrong or because I did something wrong.

Fingers crossed. Weather looks good so lets see what happens next Saturday.

If I can I will update on twitter during the day I will #andyblackettBG @AndyBlackett.

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