Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back on the BG

Monday - Will Horsley's race - Boxing day burn off, 4th place, Fiona 6th, I took it easy because of the plans for Tuesday! 3.5 miles and 150m of ascent.
Tue - 1am start doing BG support for Jim Mann, 17 miles, 2000m of ascent.
Wednesday - 6 miles, 200m of ascent on Bowes Moore.
Thursday – 6 miles, 250m of ascent, Cockfield fell with Jim, Duncan, Pippa and Fiona – cracking run out, tired but fun to be out in decent weather for the first time in ages.
Friday – skiing in Chamonix for friends stag night – great day out!
Saturday (new year's eve) – Missed flight home – bugger. Expensive mistake, got home intime for new year scheninigans after much expense.
Sunday (new year's day) – 10 Miles and 650m of ascent with Fiona in Peak District from Glossop, lovely run.

Total of 42.5 miles and 3250m of ascent.

Monday was a nice race, good to get out, full results here.

Tuesday saw a 1am start in Keswick doing L1 and L2 support for Jim Mann's second attempt at the Midwinter Bob Graham.  Things didn't look good setting off in strong winds and heavy drizzle from the Moot Hall and the wild weather on the way up Skiddaw nearly caused us to turn around.  The forecast weather window opened as planned at 3am and by the top of Great Calva there was hardly a breath of wind and perfect vis - lovely to be out.  Jim had to stop on the way up Clough Head (start of L2) with a sore knee, real shame as things were going along at a good pace and if you subtract the nav blunders caused by me not paying attention he was on to smash the MW record.

Skiddaw - 1:09 (19 hour pace)
Great Calva - 0:38 (20 hour pace)
Blencathra - 1:04 (21 hour pace)
Threlkeld - 0:35 (slow)

The above splits are after subtracting 7 minutes wandering around looking for the top of Skiddaw, 2 minutes faffing with gloves on the way to GC, and 4 minutes looking for the Doddick fell descent of Blencathra.  Next year Jim!  Including all the faff he was just up on 22 hour pace.

My legs felt as bad as I ever remember on Wednesday, which made me realise how long it is since I did such big descents and how much I still have to do to get BG ready.

First week where I managed the magic 3000m of ascent and felt strong at the end of it, despite all the partyings and skiings, things are going well.

Just wish the f***ing wind would let up!


  1. You lost 7 minutes looking for the highest point?! Reckon I can definitely keep up for a leg of 30@30 if I do my own nav...

    Good blog. Keep it up. I am even considering returning to Hamsterley sessions to terrorise you.

  2. Cheers Pippa, would be good to see you on Thursday - there isn't anyone who is fast enough to run with me at the moment so I need all the competition I can get!

    7 minutes looking for the top of Skidaw does sound silly when you put it like that, I guess you had to be there, it was rank!

  3. Where have the blog posts gone? I usually look forward to some light entertainment to read on a Monday morning before doing any real work. I'm worried you haven't been training Andy?

  4. I haven't, been training - I'm not sure Sunday was long or fast enough to count as a training session!