Sunday, 18 December 2011

Getting my strength back.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 11miles and 700m of ascent, Hamsterley
Wednesday - climbing wall
Thursday - 7 miles, 200m of ascent, Cockfield Fell
Friday - rest
Saturday - 17 miles, 750m of ascent, Pennine Way, Langdon beck to High Cup Nick and back.
Sunday -  12 miles 350m of ascent, Hamsterley.

A much quieter week, 47 miles and 2000m of ascent.

I felt tired all week, which I guess is as a result of last weekends efforts.  Decided to do less than I had planned in order to get my strength back and also because there is too much snow to run in the Lake District, so no point going out to learn my 30@30 route.

Tuesday, I had planned to do about 18 -20 miles but ended up going out later than planned and running the Mike, Brian and Liam who went home when I had only done 11, as I didn't feel good I went home to refuel.  Wednesday I felt terrible at the climbing wall, climbed worse than I can remember.  Thursday felt ok, but not too far.

Saturday I was running with Duncan Archer on a tough section of the Pennine Way, the snow was deep in places which was energy sapping.  Duncan was much stronger than me and it was frustrating to be spending so much time working hard to keep up.

Sunday I woke up and felt strong again, despite spending Saturday night drinking quince brandy, bramble brandy and brandy followed by a few glasses of port with Duncan, ran quite hard with a big DFR group to the Elephant Trees above Hamsterley Forest.

Not got any plans for next week, but finished work for Christmas now, so will do as much as I can and hopefully be fit for 2 races over christmas.

Couldron Snout, looking lovely

Duncan Archer at the end of Saturdays run

A rather poor attempt at a stitch of High Cup Nick!

Thanks for reading.

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