Sunday, 11 December 2011

Taking a swim up Seat Sandal

A good training week.

Monday - resting my Hobble legs.
Tuesday - 14 miles at Hamsterley (600m of ascent), the moon was so bright reflected off the snow I didn't even need a head torch. Lovely.
Wednesday - climbing wall.
Thursday - 8 miles (500m) hill session at Hamsterley.
Friday - out for dinner.
Saturday - Leg 1 of my 30@30 route, 21 miles (1500m) in 5:45 from Pooley Bridge, cold and snowy.
Sunday - Leg 2 of my 30@30 route, 22.5 miles in 6:50 (2500m)from Kirkstone Pass to Clough Head. Cold feet.

Total of 65 miles and 5000m of ascent.

Not much else to say about Tuesday or Thursday, Saturday was very cold, running with 2 base layers, fleece and waterproof and was very cold.  Wished I had my goggles with me as the snow was blowing up into my eyes, struggled to keep moving fast enough to stay warm.  Saw a red deer stag at the top of Arthur's Pike and as I have never seen a deer in the Lakes before thought I had been lucky, until on the way down Rampsgill Beck into martindale I saw over 30 deer hanging out, what a cracking end to the run.

Sunday started with the climb up to Red Screes from Kirkstone into the clag, the snow was all melting and running through slush made my feet colder than I have ever experienced before.  Managed to keep the rest of me warm but got tired on the climb of Seat Sandal, slogging through waist deep snow was very tough, I ended up crawling and swimming up the climb at one point to stop sinking.  Climbing Dollywaggon from Grisedale Tarn put me off the idea of doing the BG anti clockwise - what a slog!  I ended by running north from Great Dodd down Rowantree and Mosedale Beck back to the car, a brilliant fast descent to end the day.

A couple more weeks like this and I will be ready for 21st January and my 30th, then I have to step it up for the BG!

Thanks for reading - same again next week?


  1. 65miles and 5000m of climb now is a huge amount if you're doing a summer round. I would be careful you don't either get injured or bored

    I'm looking forward to following your progress


  2. Yes, I was tired this week! I didn't do enough last year, hence I am keen to do a lot this year. I am firstly aiming for a 30 peak 10 hour round on 21st of Jan which is my 30th birthday, hence the big days at the moment.

    Enjoyed hearing the Radio 4 doc, was that you who went with Steff? I was out with Clive of "Ambition exceeds ability" blog that day and it was horrid conditions - great work getting round!

  3. Andy, yes I tagged on to Stef's round. Conditions on leg 2 overnight and on the last leg were not great but it was doable. Stef had got a really good team together and it was a no-brainer really. Hope you enjoy your 30peaker!