Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hobbling home.

The end of my first blogged training week, how am I getting on.

Mon - writing blog rather than training.
Tue - 1hour on Cockfield fell - the North East's premier off-road running venue.
Wed - 50 miles on the bike with no food for first 4 hours, 1800m of ascent and blown head first off my bike into a ditch riding over the joint highest road pass in England.
Thursday - Pyramid training session, 25 minutes of intermittent hard sprinting up hill.
Friday - Gin
Saturday - 90 minutes and 9 miles around Goldsborough Carr 400m of ascent with Fiona.
Sunday - Hexhamshire Hobble, 10.6 miles, 450m of ascent at 6:45/mile pace, 1st place - definitely my best ever result - this blogging must be doing my some good.  3rd was Philip Sanderson (won last years Blakey Blitz by 10 minutes) and 2nd Duncan Archer (won this years OMM by a few seconds).

Really enjoyed the run in the Hobble, running from the front after the first 3 miles or so felt like a training session really pushing on the climbs and also pushing on the descents in a way I haven't done before.  I chatted with Fiona yesterday about how I push myself harder in training than in races and I hope that didn't happen today.  The conditions were wild, with snow and ice all over the course apparently classic Hobble conditions!  I don't understand why this race is so popular being a road run and a yomp through muddy tracks, but I guess I will have to do it again next year.

So not a great number of miles or ascent this week if you don't include the bike ride, but Thursday's training and Sunday's race shows that I am fit and all I have to do now is get BG fit, which is a totally different type of fit, but being fit can't be a bad starting point!

"It's not being fit that's hard.  It's being hard that's hard" - I can't remember who said that about the BG.

Next week I will do more miles and more ascent - if not then chase me up hills kicking me with a big metal trainer!

Just incase you didn't notice me mention the Hobble result take a look here.....

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