Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Windy this Christmas

Monday - Rest
Tuesday – 2 miles and 70m of ascent – more about this later!
Wednesday – 10 miles, 400m Cockfield Fell
Thursday – 23 miles, 1300m, Hardians Wall, 4 miles, 100m DFROT
Friday - Rest
Saturday – 6 miles, 500m, Simonside Hills
Sunday – Turkey

Total of 45 miles and 2370m of ascent.

Not a bad week, considering Christmas got in the way of doing training on Sunday.

Tuesday was a farce, I wanted something to inspire me to do a long run in a new area, so took a look at a section of Stu Fergusons, Durham Hewitts Round.
There being too much snow in the Lake District for proper running I thought I would run the section from Killhope Cross to Three Pikes and back to give a 20 mile run out. After an hours drive I got out of the car and immediately realised it was going to be tough. Every step I would alternate between running on top of the snow, falling through the crust of the snow or falling through the crust of a frozen bog. Torture. Gave up after a mile, crawled back and drove home feeling throughly beaten up.

Wednesday, 2 hours of steady hill reps on Cockfield Fell, felt strong.

Looking for more inspiration on Thursday I drove to run a section of Hadrians wall and spent 11.5 miles running through mostly flooded farm fields into a brutal headwind, even the downhill was tough going. The run back was 12 minutes quicker than the way out.

Saturday steady run on Simonside Hills, with a couple of hill reps thrown in, good to go out with Fiona, might have been more use to do something longer, but the stuffing won't make itself!
Typical going on Hadrians Wall Path, Stiles, farmland and bogs.

Rough Going

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